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One of the most requested services for any junk removal company is, of course, furniture removal.  Removing large pieces of furniture such as sofas, tables, dressers, and beds can be cumbersome and time consuming.  When done improperly, they can also cause injury to those trying to remove them which is why it is imperative for you to call a licensed and insured junk removal service so that you do not have to worry about doing this difficult work yourself.

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How much does furniture removal cost?

It really depends on what you need taken away.  A single large item will cost around $60.  Clearing out rooms of furniture will cost more, of course.  With Round Rock Junk Removal, getting a quote on trash hauling is really simple.  Many times, we can give you a quote over the phone after you send us pictures of what you need removed from your home.  Once you hire us, we will come out quickly to remove the furniture you do not want, and we will recycle or reuse the pieces of it that can be salvaged and throw the rest away, ensuring environmentally friendly trash disposal.  And not only do we deal in the removal of furniture from residential property; our experts also tackle furniture clean-outs of commercial property


Round Rock Junk Removal also can take care of any yard debris that you have.  Whether you have gone through a natural disaster and needs tree limbs or shrubs taken off your property or whether you have a junk car outside your home ruining your curb appeal, our experts can handle it.  We can even remove fencing, decking, or water features from your yard that are no longer useful to you.  Trust the trash haulers at our company for efficient and cheap trash removal in the Round Rock area.  We can even handle large jobs requiring heavy lifting like junk car removal or air conditioning unit removal.

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Structure Removal

If you have a structure around your property that is no longer useful to you like a shed or a garage, our team can help you tear it down so that you can use the space more effectively.  We know that it is tempting to try to engage in these teardowns by yourself, but it is much safer to call on experts to get the job done for you.  Structure removal is much easier when it is done with the right equipment and a team of trained professionals, and you will not risk injury to yourself or others.  Contact us today for a free quote.

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Dumpster Removal

And for those who are looking for trash removal over the course of time, Round Rock Junk Removal offers temporary dumpsters that are perfect for renovations and remodels of homes and businesses. 

Our team not only serves residential clients but also commercial clients with the best in junk removal.  We pride ourselves on excellence and efficiency and can even offer expedited services for those who are looking for same-day junk removal.  Call us today to get rid of your trash fast. 


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To get a free quote on your junk removal project just give us a call or fill out a free quote form today. Once we receive your information one of our technicians will return your call with instructions on how to receive an estimate. Once an agreement is made we can schedule an appointment for your debris removal.

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