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Round Rock junk removal is a locally owned and operated junk removal company that offers competitive prices and superior service. We specialize in removing all unwanted junk and debris from your home or business. All it takes is to get started is a quick call or online form. once we are in communication, pictures will be sent and an estimate will be given.

Once the cost is agreed upon schedule will be made. Our drivers will always call 10 to 15 minutes before arrival. Payments can be made via credit, Venmo, or cash. We look forward to working with you for years to come and the great city of Round Rock Texas.


Residential Junk Removal in New Orleans

We serve the entire area of Round Rock including neighboring cities. We are the number one residential junk removal company in the area. we do our best to make sure that everyone’s needs are met. Our client satisfaction is our number one priority. But we also care about the environment here at round Rock junk removal. Whenever we pick up junk or debris we make sure that all metal is recycled and furniture and appliances or repurposed if possible.

Round rock junk removal follows all federal and CDC guidelines for disposal. So that you can trust that when using us that your debris and junk winds up in the correct places.





Commercial Service

Not only do we serve residential clients we also have a large commercial clientele. We know what it’s like to run a business whether it is in an office building or a warehouse. junk and debris tend to pile up and begins to get in the way. When this happens it’s best to call the professionals. We will work closely with supervisors and staff to make sure that your junk is removed in a timely manner and in a way that doesn’t interrupt your work schedule. To get a free commercial quote, all it takes is one call to one of our qualified staff, we will come by take a look at what you need removed and give you a price on the spot.

Give us a call today if you need anything moved. We can remove office furniture, electronics, desks, filing cabinets and much much more. If it can be moved we can move it. The quickest way to get started is to give us a call today and set up an appointment for us to take a look at your job.


Competitive Rates

We offer the best rates in town. You can trust that when you get a quote from round Rock junk removal that your quote is the lowest in the area.

Convenient scheduling

We do our best to offer convenient scheduling. Let us know when the best time is to schedule your pickup. We have workers standing by ready to go. Just give us a call and we will work out all the details.

Open Weekends

Yes! We are open on the weekends. If you cannot accommodate a pickup on a weekday then we can make special arrangements to pick up your junk or debris on the weekend or after hours.

Serving multiple Cities

We serve multiple cities. We serve the entire community of round Rock including the outlying areas. So if you need junk removed call the pros at round Rock junk removal.

Round Rock Junk Removal

Round Rock junk removal provides the city of round Rock an essential service. From junk removal to construction demolition round Rock junk removal gets it done. We understand how complicated it can be to handle getting rid of unwanted junk and debris. That is why we make it easy to get rid of all of those unwanted things. If you just need a little help cleaning up our company is here for you all it takes is one quick call to our office and all that unwanted stuff can disappear.

When you call our office we will need information such as your name address, phone number, and email and what it is that you need picked up. We will more than likely ask for pictures to be texted or emailed so that we can give you a complete estimate on your junk removal. Once all of the details are ironed out our crew comes to you. We will schedule a convenient time for pickup. Upon arriving our teams will pick up and haul away all of the agreed upon debris. Hello you will find a list of some of the things that we commonly take.

Mattress Removal

Mattress and Boxspring Disposal

Mattresses and box springs get heavier over time. They are hard to move and are very cumbersome. If you are in the market for a new mattress the first thing you need to do is line up the old one to be worried. That is where round Rock junk removal comes to the rescue.

 Most local and county trash services will not remove your mattress for you. Although giving them a call ahead just to make sure is not a bad idea. if they do not remove your mattress for you then you can trust that our pros can handle it. All it takes is one call and we will schedule a pickup time to get rid of your unwanted mattress and box spring.


Hot tub removal

Hot Tub Disposal

Hot tubs are great. Until they break. Our company specializes in removal of hot tubs and spas. If it is possible to remove in one piece that is what we will do. But oftentimes hot tubs need to be cut up and smaller pieces to get through doors and alleys. Whatever the case all it takes is one call for us to remove that old hot tub.

Junk Removal

Junk Removal in New Orleans

Sometimes you just need things gone. Over the years we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. And then one day we come to our senses and realize that most of the stuff that we have we do not need nor want. Sometimes those things have to be removed. If you have old clothes, boxes, toys, exercise equipment, broken appliances or furniture that need to be removed call us today.

Just opening our doors we have been asked to pick up some very strange things. We have picked up old cars, hurricane proof glass and old lawn equipment and some probably things that we can’t mention anymore but the point is that we get it done. So if you are looking for a junk removal company that will take care of business we are the crew to call.


Yard Waste Removal 

Whenever you’re trying to work in your garden it usually means that you’re going to wind up with a lot of waste to bring. From old shrubs to used up mulch to extra dirt. All of these things can be heavy and hard to get rid of. If you have had a recent outdoor project or landscaping done and you have extra waste that needs to be gotten rid of give us a call at round Rock junk removal today.

If you’re looking to start a landscaping project and need your old landscaping removed we also offer garden tear outs as well as fence removal and deck removal. We can even come into your yard and remove old swing sets and pools. So if you’re looking to start with a clean slate give us a call.

Dumpster Rental 


Sometimes you just have to get things done yourself. And when you’re doing things yourself A large roll off downstairs may be the best option for your needs. If you are looking to do an ongoing project in your home such as a large remodel or you’re emptying out a foreclosed home a roll-off dumpster may be the best option for you.

We have partnered up with some of the best dumpster rental companies in the area to offer the best and most competitive pricing. Dumpster rentals are a great option because they can be dropped off and then picked up when you are ready. This gives you time to do what you have to do and make sure that everything is done before the dumpster is picked up. So if you need a dumpster rented and dropped off at your home give us a call and we will make all the arrangements for you.

Furniture Removal

If you have old furniture that needs to be removed before new car insurance can be brought in give us a call today. We specialize in furniture removal. If you just need furniture to be moved from one place to the other such as from one area of the city to another we can help with that too. we can take your old furniture and drop it off at a friend’s or family’s home. We encourage that any furniture that can be reused be done so. This helps to eliminate waste accumulated in the landfill.

If your furniture is unusable we will be glad to take it away and make sure that it is disposed of properly. We look forward to helping you with all your sofa removal and furniture removal needs.



House and Apartment Cleanouts

Being a property owner is not without its disadvantages. If someone leaves your home or gets evicted they may leave a mess behind. This can be overwhelming and tough to deal with. That is why round Rock junk removal specializes in house and apartment clean outs and clearance.

So if you have a house full of debris and furniture that needs to be cleaned call the pros today. We look forward to helping you with all of your junk removal and house clearing needs.

Appliance Removal

If it’s time to get rid of those old appliances give us a call today. We specialize in appliance removal and round Rock Texas. Appliances can be difficult to move and are often heavy and bulky. This makes it difficult for a consumer if they do not have the proper equipment such as dollies and or trucks to transport used appliances.

We do our best to keep these appliances from the landfill. If they are working conditions they will be repurposed or dropped off to a secondary seller. If they are unusable you can trust that all of your unusable appliances will be disposed of properly.

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Getting it Done for You

Junk removal is a nasty business so let us do all of the dirty work. If you have things that need to just be gone call us today. We’re happy to get our hands dirty for you. Make sure to check out some of our awesome reviews and a message from my owner below.

We Got You Covered, Let us do all the heavy Lifting. Our team has all the necessary equipment to get your job done. When you choose Round Rock Junk Removal, just sit back watch us get it done. Why wait for a second longer. Call us today!

How much is junk Removal?


Our minimum charge for junk removal is $80. If trailers are multiple trips are required this fee will increase. The average junk removal job is anywhere from $175 to $250.

Do you tip Junk Removers?

All service men and women love to be appreciated. So if you feel like our crew has done a great job and would like to leave them a tip it is fine with us. Although all of our junk removal professionals do not expect to be tipped.

Do Junk Removers take paint?

 we do not at this time take any paint products.

Who is the cheapest junk removal near me?

well we do not know our competitions prices we do know that we give the best price available every single time. We will always work to be the most competitively priced junk removal company. If you receive a lower estimate than our own feel free to give us a call and we can see if we can match or beat it.

Do you recycle?

We practice recycling, reuse and repurpose. The environment is important to us and we do our best to make sure that everything is properly disposed of and that everything that can be reused and recycled is.

Do you have insurance?

All of our employees’ vehicles are properly insured. We do this to make sure that not only our crew is safe but also our clients as well. It is our goal to leave you satisfied but also to make sure that the whole process is safe for not only you but your property.

How quickly can you do the job?

Well sometimes jobs can be done the same day. Most jobs are done the following day. If the job is extensive and requires demolition the job may need to be scheduled further out to allow adequate availability.

“I recently moved to Round Rock from Austin.  Round Rock Junk Removal helped me take the junk out of my last place, and I called them again when I moved into my new home as there were some leftover car parts around the yard and a shed I did not want.  I am so glad that I did.  They got my yard looking clean and fresh and increased my curb appeal.

Ron S

“I called Round Rock when I decided to change up the decor in my home.  They came the same day to haul away my discarded sofa and chairs as well as my old dining room set.  I didn’t have to worry about a thing, and before I knew it, the space was clear for my new furniture when it arrived.”

Rachel W

“I own commercial property in Round Rock.  The last time a tenant moved out, they left behind such a mess.  I called Round Rock Junk Removal.  I couldn’t believe the transformation.  In just a few hours, the crew had all of the junk out of the space so that it was ready for my new tenant.  I will certainly use their services again.”

Dwayne W

Get it taken care of with just one call!

Structure Demo and Removal

Round Rock junk removal specializes in light demolition and removal of structures. If you have an old shed that needs to be removed give us a call today. We also can remove old fences, decks, play equipment, and swimming pools. So if you are in need of some demolition to structures give us a call or fill out a form today.

Concrete Demo and Removal

Round Rock can remove unwanted flat work and concrete. Our cruise has the tools necessary to cut and demolish old flatwork. So if you have an old driveway, patio, slab that needs to be removed feel free to call one of our technicians today to get an estimate on your job.

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